Lupine Egg Basket


How big are your buns?  Ours are 26" wide and about 16" tall (at least on our basket).  

If you've wanted to create a classic Appalachian rib constructed basket with wonderfully large buns this is the basket for you.  Our fancy twill embellished handle is a varigated dyed cane in avocado, eggplant, and blues, lashed in purple, with a body of avocado.  

Traditionally used for gathering eggs from the hen house we'll walk you through the process of making a big bottomed egg basket that you'll be proud of.


PLEASE NOTE WHEN ORDERING KIT:  We are currently OUT OF STOCK for the required handles.  They are scheduled to be received 7/12/19.  You can order your kit NOW but it will not be shipped until handles have been received.



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