Pine Tree Bucket KIT

If you LOVE lodge decor you'll love this basket.  Double walled basket with slotted wooden base start.  Woven in natural, smoked,  and celery reed with embellished green pine trees makes this basket stout and beautiful.  

FAQ on this basket: 

  • Is it hard to weave?  NO, it's just two layers of plain weave. 

  • Does it take longer to weave up?  Yes, it's like weaving the sides of two baskets. 

  •  Is it a stout basket?  YES, with a double layer of weave on the sides this is not your ordinary basket.

  • Do those pine branches poke through?  NO, that's the magic of a double walled basket.  They get left in between the walls where no one sees them.

  •  I'm a beginning basket maker can I weave this one by myself?  YES, if you can do a plain weave, twine with 2 strands and 3 strands there is NOTHING hard about this basket.  

The best thing about this basket is that it LOOKS difficult but it's not.  

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