Varigation | Jill Choate Basketry

I've been experimenting with dying varigated reed and cane and came up with a really HOT design using some COOL tones. 

This is the perfect basket project for hanging with weaving friends around the lake, pool, ocean (pick one).  If you've had a bud that's been wanting you to teach them basketry this is a great project them for them as well.  Easy to weave, there's some cross-hatching weave to jazz it up a bit, and with varigated dyed cane and matching dyed reed it's the perfect summer time tote.

Did I mention it's woven on a box mold?  Oh yeah, none of that coaching on not weaving too tight, watch your corners, inverted basket, yada, yada.  The box is the magic in this design.  We'll show you how to create the mold,weave the basket on the mold, and most importantly how to get the basket off the mold.  Summer time and the weaving is easy!

What if I get stuck?  We've got FREE instructional videos, CLICK HERE to ACCESS