Belladonna Lampshade

How do you come up with these names?  Well, belladonna is shaped like a bell and it's a LAMP shade.  The herb belladonna is actually a deadly NIGHT shade.  In Italian, belladonna means literally “beautiful lady”.  So put we put it all  together and came up with a beautiful bell shaped LIGHT shade (and we left the deadly poison part out).  

Approximate dimensions:  38" circumference, 12" diameter, 9" height

We are offering BELLADONNA on a component basis.  You can purchase each element or a combination of all on the drop down menu. 

PLEASE NOTE:  PATTERNS are printed out, put in a sleeve and mailed out to you.

Please note:  you can purchase the ENTIRE KIT or purchase each component ONLY.  

1)  Buy the entire kit
2)  Buy JUST the base
3)  Buy JUST the cord
4)  Buy JUST the pattern



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Type: arts

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