JCB Boutique Reed Club - 4 months


How the JCB Boutique Reed Club works.  

  • Every month for 4 months you receive 3 pounds of space dyed reed in the color scheme of the month.

  • First delivery of reed of the month begins in May.  Final delivery of reed ends in August.

  • Your credit card will be charged on the day of the month that you purchased your JCB Boutique Reed Club membership on each month for 4 months beginning in April with the final payment being made in July of 2022.

  • There is a LIMITED amount of memberships for the JCB Boutique Reed Club.  Memberships will be offered through the month of April OR UNTIL quota of memberships is achieved.

  • The type of spaced dyed reed for each month is as follows:  3/16" FR, 1/4" FO, 1/2" FR (FR-flat reed, FO-flat oval reed)

  • MAY BOUTIQUE COLOR SCHEME:  Purple haze (purple, turquoise, avocado)

  • JUNE BOUTIQUE COLOR SCHEME:  Santa Fe (santa red, turquoise, sunflower)

  • JULY BOUTIQUE COLOR SCHEME:  Tie Dye - choose from either Indigo Blue OR Fire tie dye.

  • AUGUST BOUTIQUE COLOR SCHEME:  Harvest (brick, sunflower, moss green)

Type: Unknown Type