We've got a couple of openings in the JCB WINTER KIT CLUB!  

HEADS UP GURL FRIENDS:  If you are really interested in becoming a member of the JCB WINTER KIT CLUB you should subscribe NOW. 

And why's that?  Since the inception of JCB KIT CLUB two years ago every kit club has sold out within 3 days.  Let me repeat that.  EVERY SINGLE KIT CLUB HAS SOLD OUT in THREE DAYS.  We only have so many memberships and when they fill up it's a done deal.

It's EXCLUSIVE.  That means you get access to the FABULOUS NEW DESIGNS and no one else does.  

Can I just get (fill in the blank):  Nope, that's what we mean by exclusive it's a package deal of 3 fantastic new designs and we don't sell them to anyone but JCB WINTER CLUB MEMBERS.

The more elements, color, and detail in the basket design the higher the price:  Our designer basket kits range in the $120 - $160 price area but for JCB WINTER KIT CLUB members we offer each kit at $110.00.  That's a $10- $50 dollar savings!  

So what does it include?  Each monthly JCB WINTER KIT CLUB  design includes all materials for the design, a written pattern, and access to an instructional YouTube video.

PLEASE NOTE:  AURORA STARS  and SLIGHT "TWILL" in the AIR (above) are included in the JCB WINTER KIT CLUB as well as  one more design that is currently under construction. 

PLEASE UNDERSTAND this is a MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION that you are purchasing.  The first basket kit will be sent out in JANUARY.  The next in FEBRUARY and one final kit in MARCH. 

HOW YOU GET CHARGED:  You will be charged NOW but the first kit will not be shipped until JANUARY.  Your credit card will be charged in JANUARY for the FEBRUARY kit and in FEBRUARY it will be charged for the MARCH kit.

The JCB WINTER KIT CLUB will contain THREE different basket designs.  


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