Rib constructed baskets: Weaving the first set of ribs

Here's some "Jill Magi" (magic) to help you get those first set of ribs in your basket.

  1. Water is glue in basketry.  If you need something to hold temporarily spray it with water.
  2. You MUST have a clean, tapered, slype (cut) on your ribs if you want them to hold.  BLUNT cuts will NOT work and you will run screaming from your basket :)  I use felco pruners to make my cuts but basketry shear work just as well.
  3. You will absolutely need a LONG TAPERED AWL (think ice pick) to make a rib constructed basket.  The big three in my tool kit:  felco pruners, weaverite tool, awl.
  4. Pull down as you weave (not up), it will pack your basket down as you weave and keep the tension in your basket tight.

Now let's get those first set of ribs woven into your basket, after that it's a breeze...


I've looked at baskets from both sides now....are you thinking Joni Mitchell yet?

There you go!  You're on your way to weaving an awesome Appalachian basket.  Remember the BEFOREBLACKFRI sale, good until SAT 11/7.  It'll save 25% on any Appalachian Collection basket kit we've got. (Herb drying, Oval Melon, Oval Melon w/twill handle).





Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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