we want YOU (and your basket too)

We want YOU and your Jill Choate Basketry design basket too!  

We're giving away 30% discount coupons for those JCB enthusiasts that weave up one of our designs and decide to post it online. 

To be considered please post a photo with YOU and YOUR JCB design basket on J. Choate Basketry facebook page, a facebook basket group, or on instagram.  Please make sure to tag us @jill choate or @jennah lucht so that we SEE your post.  Please also hashtag #jillchoatebasketrydesigns on your photo.

Remember if we don't see it we don't know it exists so PLEASE get our attention.

We'll send YOU a discount coupon good for 30 days to grab another one of our fabulous kits.


Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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