Canasta de Flores


Design with TWINE.  The majority of this design is made up with two weavers -  TWINING.  That's it.  We'll show you the secrets of making a column stack into a spirals.  It's not magic it's MATH.   

Canasta de Flores (basket of flowers) is part of the DESIGN with JILL PATREON membership.  We show you HOW to weave up the baskets but we walk you through the process of designing the basket so you can take it to the next level and DESIGN YOUR OWN.  We're passing down the knowledge so you can up your basketry to the next level. 

You can purchase the kit here.  Then up your game with a PATREON membership and start soaking in all those tips and tricks she shares during the process.  We WANT you to be a better basket designer - we'll show you the way to make it happen.  JOIN OUR PATREON MEMBERSHIP here:



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