Cherokee STYLE Crosses in 5 Easy Steps

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Cherokee crosses are a stunning and easy design to weave into your basket.  They are especially awesome when paired with the cross woven base with chicken feet (see the chicken feet blog for more info and videos).  Here's how it's done:

Here's how to weave a Cherokee cross in your next basket.  

  1. Weave for three rows with a natural weaver of your choice.  Make sure the first one starts on TOP of a dyed stake.

  2. Weave one row with a small back weaver to outline the design.

  3. Weave one row with a weaver the same dye as your stake.

  4. Weave one row with a natural weaver a smaller diameter then the dyed stake.

  5. Mirror the design by repeating rows 3 and 2.

Well, now that was easy, huh?  Here's the weave-a-long video to help you with the process (3 parts).

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Jill Choate
Jill Choate


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