Porkypod Antler Basket

Original design by Jill Choate.

The Antler Porkypod features a wooden base for stability, with a round shape that tapers at the top, and an antler hoop at the rim.  Inspired by the hairy technique of Kari Lonning.  Approximate dimensions: 14 X 14 X 18

Where the basket got it's name:  I loved the hairy technique used on so many of Kari Lonnings baskets but of course had to give it an Alaskan twist.  My hairy technique morphed into the quill method and hence the porcupine basket or the Porkypod.  The Antler Porkypod basket was featured as the cover photo on the book, "Antler Art for Baskets and Gourds", by Betsey Sloan.

 PLEASE NOTE: KIT includes all materials with woven base and antler hoop rim intact.  If you are purchasing the PATTERN ONLY option of this design.  ALL PATTERN purchases are sent to you VIA EMAIL as a DOWNLOADABLE .PDF FILE.  You will receive a confirmation of the purchase and a link to receive your pattern as soon as your purchase is confirmed.



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